About us

Apian is a cooperative company that carries out its activities in the field of marble extraction and environmental reclamation in the territory of Massa and Carrara.

Active for over 35 years, it is a company specialized in intervening in the most varied and complex critical situations, such as collapses and landslides in different areas of the country.

The experience of its technicians is the basis of a long training that Apian has achieved in the field, acquiring knowledge in the most important marble extraction area in the world, Carrara and the Apuan Alps.

The specializations acquired have made Apian a point of reference in the field of environmental reclamation, leading it to carry out works in the most important mining sites in the world.

The company's staff is made up of over 20 technicians divided into 5 teams, all of whom are highly specialized. Our highly skilled staff gives Apian a very effective operation, known throughout the Apuan area as the white spiders.
The staff is in possession of all the certifications and certificates necessary to carry out their work, obtained during the refresher courses as required by law.

The activity that Apian carries out every day, represents the evolution of one of the most ancient professions carried out in the marble quarries: the tecchiaiolo. Since ancient times, this professional figure has been in charge of securing the walls of the quarries.

Today, environmental and human safety is carried out by Apian with the necessary human skill and professionalism as well as the help of the most modern tools and technical support in the sector.
Our customers are trained by the economic operators of the stone industry worldwide, for this reason our direct interventions over the years on the quarries have affected all continents.



Scaling is the manual removal of unstable rock portions which must be removed in order to secure the work area.Apian does scaling at any position or height.

Abbattimenti con esplosivo

Blasting with explosives

Apian carries out the demolition of rocks or parts of rock using mines and explosives by specialized personnel certified as Fochino, for the correct execution of the various technical steps necessary for the demolition.

Laying of rockfall nets

The activity carried out by the company in this field consists of the installation of container nets, rockfall protection nets or open nets. Once again, the execution of this work involves securing the work site.


Consolidation is the securing of the quarry via retaining marble structures of various sizes. Apian is also able to provide the planning study and monitoring of the consolidation project.
Quarry planning


Apian collaborates with the main mining engineering firms in the world and is able to design the type of intervention required for each quarry.
It acts by positioning the necessary instrumentation to monitor the work in progress.


Contact us to know the costs and methods of scaling, demolition with explosives, installation of rockfall protection nets, consolidation, planning consulting, safety and environmental remediation.


  • Scaling
  • Blasting with explosives
  • Laying rockfall protection nets
  • Consolidation
  • Planning
  • Environmental remediation works
  • Marble extractions



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